NO PREP Middle School Vocabulary (4 WEEKS) – Unit 1



Vocabulary instruction is so important for many reasons. Not only does an expanded vocabulary help students with verbal and written articulation, but it also drives reading comprehension. In this NO PREP Vocabulary Unit, there are 4 weeks of vocabulary instruction. Each lesson includes:

– 8 vocabulary words

– 5 different activities

– Context clues practice

– Writing application

– 1 Quiz

There is also a summative assessment at the end that covers all 24 words. Instruction time for one lesson spans 1-2 weeks depending on how frequently you see your students and how many activities you do with the vocabulary words. A sample calendar has been included as a guide.


To see a video on the entire vocabulary system, Click Here

To read about how to use this resource, Click Here.

For more middle school vocabulary, check out the DISTANCE LEARNING: NO PREP Middle School Vocabulary (4 WEEKS) – Unit 2.


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