Black History: The Great Migration



The Purpose:

The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a variety of opportunities to understand The Great Migration, how it has impacted America, and how it may have impacted their families. The reasons for The Great Migration are not watered down.

The activities can be used for students from 6th – 12th grade.

What’s Included:

  • 9 Tasks
    • Task 1 is a pre-reading activity for students using an Anticipation Guide. Students will share their personal opinions about their ability to move away from their families.
    • Task 2 will have students read an original informational text about The Great Migration and answer discussion questions. Class discussion is recommended.
    • Task 3 has students independently research one of the highlighted terms in the informational text.
    • Task 4 is a Google search that allows students to review infographics on The Great Migration. Students choose important facts and statistics and make connections to their relevance to the topic. This is a great opportunity for discussion.
    • Task 5 allows students to interview a parent or grandparent to understand if and/or how their family was affected by The Great Migration.
    • Task 6 uses a map to allow students to map their family’s migration and show how their family is spread across the United States of America.
    • Task 7 has students think about where they would live if they could live anywhere. Students research that place.
    • Task 8 requires students to reflect on their answers from the anticipation guide in Task 1.
    • Task 9 asks students to create a Google Slide presentation that incorporates what they have learned from this set of tasks. Students should present to the class.


***This activity is also includes a link to a Google Doc version. ***

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