About Me

“What kind of job can I work where I won’t have to deal with people?”

At 17, this was the question I posed to my uncle. His answer led me to major in Computer Science. That lasted all of 1 semester in college before I changed my major.

Fast-forward several years later, and not only am I not in a field that limits my interactions with people, but I am inundated with human interaction on a daily basis, and I love it. As a Secondary ELA Curriculum Coach, I write and revise curriculum, create district-level assessments, and coach ELA teachers. No two days are the same, and I am more energized than ever about the people I interact with on a regular basis.

Before this position, I was a high school ELA teacher for 7 years, 5 of which were spent teaching a state-tested course. I’ll just say that it worked out pretty well because for some reason, no matter how I tried, I could not get out of the testing class.

At Home

family photoIn my personal life, I am surrounded by superheros. The ringleader is the little one. Her personality is big enough for all of us. When I look at my boys, I want them to have all of the opportunities they deserve. These little people motivate me to do great things. I feel blessed to live the chaos that is my daily life. Wilson

If my husband were a real superhero, I’d say he would be Superman. And not because he has a shirt that says so, lol, but because he does things like this  …

Also because we share goals and expectations. We are friends and we motivate one another. His support allows me to be great.

20170404_231118Outside of my household, there are two superwomen who keep me leveled. My mother and my sister are simply amazing people. Beautiful spirits wrapped up in smoldering fireballs, they keep me going when I feel like I’m fizzling out. They are encouraging and supportive, and I love them to pieces.

(My mother refuses to take pictures)

Looking Ahead

I am excited for this new journey. It is my hope that my blog will help more teachers master their classrooms. Just today, I had a candid conversation with discontented teachers who have been required to do far more than they have ever been trained to do. From data to magic, teachers are expected to do all things with little to no support. With a background in marketing, communications, and Corporate America, I have been blessed to tie all of those experiences together and maximize my experience as a teacher and coach. Today, I am ready to share it all with educators everywhere through this blog and my TpT Store.