New Product Alert: Common Core Critical Thinking Task Cards

Task cards are a great way to break up the monotony of worksheets. In fact, depending on the set-up of the task cards, teachers can offer personalization and student choice all while using the same cards over and over.

Product: Common Core Critical Thinking Task Cards

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What’s Included
– 47 Common Core Aligned Constructed Response Task Cards
– Student Task Tracker Sheets – Turn In
– Student Task Activity Sheet
– Student Task Tracker – Personal
– 4 point rubric


**Ways to Use the Cards**

Student Groups
 Place students in stations. Each station can represent a different standard. Have students choose cards to work on, or you can assign cards. Allow students to work independently and switch cards, or have students work together on each card.
 Assign the number of cards you want completed prior to students beginning the task(s).

For more ideas on student groups, click HERE.

Independent Practice
 Classwork: Assign students specific standards to work on based on data you have accumulated through formative assessments.
 Homework: Assign students additional practice at home with a few task cards.
 Student Choice: Allow students to choose task cards based on skills they need to work on, or activities they are interested in completing.

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  1. I was so excited to use these task cards. I had already identified that standard my students were struggling with so I choose a shot story for them to read and had them apply the what the task cards asked them to do for the reading. The reading I selected was challenging, while was intentional, and the task cards really made my students think and use the text to confirm their ideas. I strongly recommend using these task cards.

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